The Staff to Support You
Joe Weber
Your More Mobile Fix-It Man  

Joe is the manager of the Hartland More Mobile store and has been with them for almost 8 years.  The store was not even built yet when he happened to cross paths with the owner, and the rest is history as he took a sales position and has never looked back.

Being a local guy from the area, Joe understands the necessities of a balanced life; and he is a bit of a creative man himself.  He loves to read  and is currently working on writing his second suspense thriller novel: He is particularly interested in things related to psychology.

When it comes to More Mobile, Joe is everything technical you need, and most days you will catch him “Geekin’ it Out.” with customers.  He explained that most people have basic problems to solve like troubleshooting their phones or modem connections to computers.  Joe is your man: A true resource investigator of all technical issues to find out why and how to fix it! Watch out for his “Techie Tips,” and follow him on Facebook as he shares his Tip of the Week every Wednesday

Every day is different for Joe and his team, but it’s the variety that keeps them challenged day in and out.

Please visit Joe at the More Mobile location in Hartland, as he is there to give you continuous support, encompassing all of your wireless needs for ultimate functionality in your life.


Vince Jakubek
Your More Mobile “Crowd Pleaser”

Vince is located at the Waukesha store, and works with his team to provide activation, explanation, education and support.  He has been with More Mobile as a sales rep, senior salesperson and finally his current position as store manager.

Vince truly enjoys all of the responsibilities of his management position and even considers it fun. He said you just never know what is going to happen one day to the next.  He is a keen multi-tasker, and loves his lists that include:

- Training
- Customer Service
- Sales
- Staff Management

When Vince is not tending to the needs of his More Mobile clients, he is playing anything and everything sports related.  Not only does he play volleyball, football, softball and more, but he is also a keen sports photographer and works with some local recreational and sport associations to document their moments of adrenaline in film.

Vince can tend to absolutely any customer request that he comes across, as he can truly do it all. He thrives on everyday customer interactions and really enjoys working with clients and talking to people.

Please visit Vince at the More Mobile location in Waukesha, as he is there to make sure that wherever you go wireless, you stay connected!

Karl – Owner
Lives The Brand

Karl’s story is truly an inspiration for us all.  He started working at a young age and caddied at Merrill Hills country club and he also sold books for Southwestern.  But his journey truly started in college when he was in a business course at Whitewater University.  They class was asked students to come up with content for a speech and Karl was focussed on the difference between digital and analog.  The subject matter derived from a commercial he saw so he contacted the US Cellular store manager in his area and set up a meeting.  Following the interview the store manager asked Karl for his resume and of course Karl was prepared.  The managers’ words were exactly “when can you start”.

This was the start of Karl’s career with US Cellular.  He worked as temporary holiday help for Kiosk sales and the month he started he outsold everyone in the group to sell a ton of phones!

He has always been aware of needs analysis which assisted him in all of his positions throughout the years.  After only six months of working as temporary holiday help, he was promoted to assistant store manager and shortly after graduating he became the kiosk manager at nine Walmart locations, one of which was the Bluemound location where he eventually became manager.

After an already successful career he was now focussed on a new venture.  Travelling in Utah on a family trip, he decided he wanted to open his own stores.  With the support of his family, so started the next chapter of his US Cellular journey to have his own agent location.

Karl had no idea where to start, but knew it would be from the inside out so he spoke to one of his confidants in the business who literally picked up the phone and made one call.  Karl was now tasked with creating a business plan in one night to see the directors at head office the very next day.  Ready to impress, he presented them with the ability of wireless laptops  which nobody was doing at the time.  They loved the idea and now it was time to find a site.  It took nine long months of searching, but finally they found the Hartland site and he opened his first store on May 1st 2006.

Karl’s story only just begins there and the success of his business lies in his belief of the wireless world.  He truly embodies his brand and told me what he loves about wireless….

“It connects individuals to all aspects of life work and play.  I love the concept that you can be anywhere, talking, receiving data, anytime”

Karl can run his company from a golf cart and his office is wherever his laptop and phone are.  He can be anywhere in the world and live his life with ease as he runs his business.

All of these things are so important to him as he has been with his wife for fifteen happy years and they have two kids with a lot of social activities.

Everyday brings new challenges to Karl and his team at More Mobile as they continue to strive to be more service driven everyday. I asked Karl why customers should choose More Mobile over the others out there and his words were precise.

“The More Mobile team has a very high level of customer service.  We not only provide needs analysis to ensure we give the customer precisely what they are looking for, but we care and have passion to help them in their lives”

I believe the More Mobile team are a superb choice for your wireless needs, they are the sales experts and give you the freedom and flexibility to live, work and play as they educate you to connect wherever you are in the world.

I cannot thank Karl enough for sharing his story as not only is it an inspiration to achieve, but one to commit to what you believe in.

Karl More Mobile