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Recently, I started to work in the Lake Country on a daily basis and I use my GPS regularly to ensure that I arrive at the correct locations as I am not familiar with the area at all.  I was with a completely different provider and an existing customer of the More Mobile suggested that I try US Cellular.  I was very open to this as its imperative that I do not loose reception and this was happening on a regular basis which left me completely blind to navigate the area I was in.  Since the first day I changed to US Cellular with More Mobile, I have had absolutely no loss of service anywhere, including many other destinations in the United States.  I now enjoy an early morning swim on the lake and check all of my emails on the pier as I have accessibility to all of my professional needs, anywhere, anytime, thanks to the More Mobile Team for keeping me connected!

Wren Solares

In a frantic state of panic after realizing my keyboard was not working for my iPad, I immediately contacted my support team at More Mobile.  Karl assisted me in diagnosing the problem on the spot and found that the USB part of the charger was not functioning properly.  Karl noticed I was wearing my bluetooth and asked if I had a charger for this device.  His solution was not to push me to buy another product, but first to try utilizing the bluetooth charger and resolve the issue with the equipment I had.  Great solution, cost effective and instant!  I am extremely grateful for the support that my More Mobile team provide as they keep me connected to my Life, Work & Play!

Michael Armeli